You can subscribe for a product delivery every 3 to 28 days by checking “FUTURE DELIVERY OPTION” before you place your order. 


The Subscription feature allows you to select a delivery interval for a seller to make a recurring delivery of your chosen product and at a pre-specified quantity. At the start of the interval, the app will send out an order request on your behalf. You'll get push notifications when your order is being prepared for shipment or en route, the same as a typical order. 


  1. Open your app and tap “Shop” to access the orders page

  2. Tap the button corresponding to the petroleum product you want to subscribe to.  

  3. Choose product quantity or search with keywords to find options that are not listed. 

  4. Update your delivery location, if necessary, then tap "CONFIRM" 

  5. Choose a payment option and select a seller to proceed to the “Order Confirmation” page. 

  6. Under “FUTURE DELIVERY OPTIONS”, choose a delivery interval from the dropdown menu and ensure the “Subscribe every [delivery interval]” checkbox is ticked.  

  7. Tap “Place order” 

You can go to the “Subscription” page from your app menu to view and edit subscription details.


  1. Open the menu in the Petro Buyer app and tap "Subscription" 

  2. To view, the “Subscription Details” choose the page subscription you want to cancel. 

  3. On the “Subscription Details” page tap "cancel subscription“

  4. You will be prompted to confirm the cancellation, tap “Yes” 

 You can cancel your request at any point before being matched with a seller without any charge. Normal cancellation fees apply once a seller accepts your order request.