There can be several reasons for which you’ll be unable to place an order. Below are some common issues and how to resolve them.

Declined Payment 

Issues of “Declined Payment” may arise if:

  • You have an insufficient wallet balance. This would mean that you’ll not be able to place an order using your wallet. To resolve this, we recommend picking an alternative payment method.

  • You have insufficient funds in your bank account or if you have any issues with your selected card or bank account, you will be unable to place an order. If this happens, try topping up your bank account or call your bank to help resolve the issue.

Petro Merchants Unavailable In Your Location

After entering your desired product and delivery location, the app will pop up the closest merchants around you.  If you are unable to place an order because there are no stations or merchants close by, we recommend you change your location and try again.

If you still can’t place an order, reach out to us with the specific challenge(s) you encountered