Here's how to place an order in  the Petro Buyer App: 

1. Open your app and tap “Shop” (either in the bottom taps or the Menu Bar at the top left corner) to access the “Orders” Page.

2. On the “Orders” page, tap the button corresponding to the petroleum product you want to order. 

3. Select from a list of product quantities or search with keywords to find options that are not listed. 

4. Your current location is taken as the delivery address. To update your location, tap “CHANGE DELIVERY”. Proceed to search with keywords and select from a list of locations or tap “Choose on Map” and move the pin on the map. Tap "CONFIRM" to set your new location and view nearby sellers. 

5. Petro allows several payment methods. Take an option (Card on file, Wallet Balance, Cash on delivery or add new card) from the dropdown menu.

6. You may be given a list of sellers to choose from.  If so, tap “Select” to send your request to the seller.  If you are not given a list of sellers, you may have to change the delivery address to a location you can find sellers at most 5km away. 

7. You’ll be routed to the “Order Confirmation” page. Tap “Place order” if everything looks good.  

8. You can subscribe for the product in the “FUTURE DELIVERY OPTIONS”.  

9.  If it’s a Cash on delivery order (COD), Petro will notify you once the seller accepts or rejects your request. 

Petro will send you push notifications when your order is being prepared for shipment or en route. 

10. When your order is delivered, you confirm receipt by disclosing the delivery code to the seller. 

You can also tap the “Order Item again” to place another order