Petro is a technology platform. Our smartphone apps connect sellers and buyers of petroleum products. 


In cities where Petro operates, you can use your "Petro Buyer" app to order petroleum products. Using your app, you can enter your preferred delivery location before placing an order. You will be charged for the products and processing/delivery from the payment method you've linked to your Petro account or from your app wallet. 


When a nearby seller accepts your order request, you will get a "Confirmed order" notification. You will also get notified when the order is being prepared for shipment and when it's en route. If you have a preferred route for the merchant, it's helpful to talk through the directions together.


Your app also provides info about the merchant you are shopping from including merchant name, phone number, and reviews by other buyers. This info helps both of you to connect at your delivery location. 


When your order arrives at your delivery location, you confirm receipt of the order by disclosing the delivery code to the seller.


If a merchant is accepting COD ( Cash on Delivery) purchases, you can order a product and pay for it upon delivery. Petro allows you to pay for your products in cash. However, this option must be selected before placing an order.


Immediately you receive your order, your "Petro Buyer" app will prompt you "Order item again", "File a complaint" or "Submit review". Petro's feedback system is designed to help merchants know how customers rate them and see ways they can improve to delight their customers.


Learn more about how Petro works by exploring other Help Center topics. You can search for specific questions and answers too.